Saturday, December 29, 2007

Desparate times, drastic measures

This is going to be a relatively short post. I just want to get the idea in print. I will revisit it later and develop the idea more fully. I'll enjoy your comments , if you are so moved.

The idea I'm setting forth has several inspirations. One, my brother-in-law got me Ken Burns video series on WWII for Christmas. Disc one covers several instances of regrettable moments in the fight against the Axis powers, specifically the Japanese. Regrettable in the sense of being a pity certain actions were deemed necessary, not in the sense that in hindsight it was necessarily wrong. First was the internment of Japaneses-Americans. I did not read the book Michelle Malkin wrote about this, In Defense of Internment, but from what I've read about it she cites evidence of espionage and such, that the U.S. needed to curtail, and believed the best way was to round them up and control them. From the high regard I hold Malkin's journalism/scholarship I'm confident she makes a good argument. I also imagine she finds deeply regrettable the fact that many, probably the vast majority, of Japanese-Americans were not only innocent of all suspicions, but deeply patriotic and deeply in love with America.

The second thing from Burns documentary was the testimony of U.S. veterans from the Bataan death march. One in particular spoke of the decision not to take prisoners, which was made after experiencing the utter, inhuman cruelty of the Japanese. You can judge these men if you will, I find it a perfectly rational response.

The other inspiration for this post is the assassination of Butto, along with the Canadian Muslim father who murdered his daughter for not wearing the headcovering, along with all the many, many instances we've learned of these past few years of the evil perpetrated by Muslims upon their own fellow Muslims, let alone upon their enemies. (Don't waste your time with a comment that seeks to relativize these actions I'm calling evil. If they're not morally evil, then the category has no meaning).

These are desperate times. We in America and in the civilized non-Muslim world and in the Muslim world also, are locked in mortal combat with those who have exercised their free will to become part of a death cult. A death cult not only because it threatens lethal violence upon whoever they deem apostate or infidel, but also because it seeks to extinguish so much that makes life a good thing.

Here's my idea. America has stood from its inception for the God-given rights of the individual. This is why our constitutional form of government seeks to protect us from tyranny in all forms. That is why we have a Bill of Rights. Is there any reason why we cannot logically extend these rights in a law that makes it illegal for any group, religious or otherwise, to authorize violence upon those within its group who choose to leave it or upon those it deems its enemy?

This is not to say that a group cannot condemn such an individual, shun them, disinherit them, or pronounce whatever eternal consequence upon them they wish. But they cannot, upon penalty of law, perform any act of physical violence upon them.

Who would object to such a law, I'd like to know? Well certainly the ACLU, that's a given since this law's purpose is to strengthen America. But who else? Jews? You can be many things antithetical to Judaism and they don't care. (Become a Christian and many Jews would renounce and shun you but that wouldn't offend this law.) Christians? We'll cry if one of our kids renounce Christ but we long ago stopped beating the tar out of them. (Not that those that did were likely to have been true Christians!) Atheists? Buddhists? Hindus? Not that I can imagine.

Who then? Well, I think we all know the answer to this one. Muslims! CAIR, ISNA, and every acronym describing a group of Muslims out there. And that's just the point. This isn't Saudi Arabia. You're welcome to be a Muslim here if you are willing to recognize you have no right to issue a fatwa calling for violence against any individual within the borders of these United States.

I happen to believe many, many Muslims in America would have no problem with this and that many, many would find it quite liberating. I think its apparent that one reason we've not had anything other than very small acts of terrorism since 9-11 (I don't buy into the idea that we've had NO acts of terrorism since 9-11) is because most Muslims in America like it over here. But many do not. And if they don't, and if they aren't willing to abide by this law, they have 2 choices- leave our shores or take up residence in our prisons.

Which brings me to the last point. This law must have teeth. If a mosque wants to remain a Wahabist, terrorist abetting , Osama loving outpost of hatred- its going down. I say the gov't burns it to the ground if, in a court of law, it is found guilty of breaking this law.

Before your knee jerks with howls of fascism, let me reiterate that I'm very cool with having "moderate" Muslims as my fellow citizens. I don't know many Muslims but I'm confident many are just that. As anecdotal evidence for this, I take the testimony of an Israeli friend I have who lives on one of the Kibbutzim that endures daily shelling by Kassam rockets sent by the lovely Palestinians in Gaza. I asked him about Muslims he's known personally. He said he has only known well about 20 or so in his many years as an Israeli, and he's not met one yet that he didn't like or that he felt was a threat to him. To me, that's remarkable. But if he says so, I believe him. And then I conclude that probably most are either "moderate" or would gladly be so if the influence of the radicals were removed.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have a pretty high tolerance for Rudy's boasting of accomplishments while Mayor of NYC. He turned that city around, not alone of course but with the help of many community leaders and administrators, but all of it under his bold leadership, and in spite of an extremely liberal and entrenched power structure. I've indicated that my enthusiasm of Rudy for Pres has waned somewhat, though I think he has many cards yet to play and a street fighter's instinct for gutting thru to a win. If Rudy's not the guy, I hope someone will act on the key principle by which Rudy turned the crime situation in NYC around. That was the BROKEN WINDOWS PRINCIPLE. The idea is that by dealing aggressively with small crimes you get the happy result of a sharp reduction in major crimes.

In my administration, this principle will be followed in most every area I am given responsibility. The principle, as my people and I shall execute it, will be called 'Nip That S**t In The Bud' (or NTSITB, for short).

I've never understood why conservatives gave Pres Clinton and Atty Gen. Janet Reno so much crap for the Waco "standoff". I would have agreed with it had the criticism been directed at the amount of time it took until the situation was brought to its conclusion, but most of the criticism was that the gov't went after Koresh and the Davidians at all. As I understand it, the ATF had probable cause to search the compound. The moment 3 ATF agents were shot and killed was the moment all debate was over. From that moment on, I would have used whatever was necessary to bring those people out as quickly as possible, WITH NO ATTEMPT AT NEGOTIATION, with maximum regard for the safety of my agents.

One armored, tracked vehicle and one sufficiently protected driver and one bullhorn could have done the job. I would have said, "You in there! You are coming out in the next 5 minutes or the west quarter of your building is coming down. I know there are women and children in there but their safety is your problem. If you decide not to come out you'd be smart to move everybody to the east side." They either come out or they lose 25% of their building and whoever's in it. Following this procedure ends the matter in 20 minutes, max.

Worst case scenario you've got a lot of dead people THAT WERE KILLED BY A CRAZY MAN, and its over in a day. As it was, you had a lot of dead people after a lot of negotiation and 51 days of aggravating and demoralizing the American people. I guarantee you that the next wacko group with guns and Armageddon on its mind has less reason to think they can prevail against the authorities.


Which brings me to my real topic- Russell Means and the Lakota Tribe declaring themselves to no longer be citizens of the United States of America.

My Indian friends, come into the 21st century, where life is good. Many, many of your brothers and sisters have and will tell you the same thing. There's plenty for everybody. Just be willing to work, obey the laws, raise your kids right, take your pleasures in moderation and leave your space better than you found it. You can worship God or the Great Spirit as you understand Him and in whatever manner you wish. I know, I know, it wasn't fair that some people came over here a long time ago and they and your ancestors couldn't get along. But, whether you accept it or not, there was plenty blame to go around on all sides. Whether you accept that or not, the clock's not turning back. Citing some United Nations declaration doesn't mean squat, its not the law of this land. Mexicans aren't getting back Texas or Southern California and you're not getting absolute independence. It just isn't going to happen! Not. Going. To. Happen.

I don't have any more than a laymen's knowledge of the Federal rights of "Native Americans" on designated reservations, but however the laws that pertain to these things are written, politically it does not serve the interests of the citizens of the USA to permit the undoing of the status quo.

So, NTSITB! If the Lakota truly want to dissolve all ties with the U.S. and back out of the treaties, however badly they're written or however badly they've been mismanaged, then fine. No more reservation, no more casinos. You got those because of the deal. You don't want the deal, you don't get the benefits. The history of the world is replete with conquest and shifting of populations. America's nothing special in that regard.

Civilization is a delicate thing. We're dealing with many threats to it from without. We don't need to have to defend it from within.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thanks Hugh, You Really Are The Godfather

From zero readers per day to nearly 3,000 today as of this moment, virtually all from Hugh's website, only an ingrate wouldn't say thanks. Call me an infidel, but don't call me an ingrate!

Hugh is either a very busy man who didn't read my not-so-kind remark about his man Mitt, or he did read it and is in fact a Compleat Gentleman. My money's on him being beyond the pettiness of mortals. If not, being the Godfather and all, I now live on borrowed time.

My son, who is not only an accomplished blogger ( and now but an attendee of the recent BlogWorld, tells me the key to successful blogging is shameless self-promotion. I honestly don't have that in me. In fact, the thing I'm looking forward to most in my campaign for President in 2020, is telling people who don't like me or what I stand for- "Well then, don't vote for me! How complicated is that!"

For those of you who not only read some of my stuff, but left a comment- thanks for your input.
If you'll check back from time to time, I hope you'll be rewarded.
Since it appears actual people are reading this, let me straighten one thing out. 2008 minus 1975 equals 33 years, not 38. Ladies- its not that we get the number right, but the date. Am I right? Help me out here, please.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Muse Has Returned!

Welcome back!

Oh yeah, I was the one who was gone. But hey, what's 8 or 9 months between friends?

So, what have I been up to? (Rude way to start a conversation, focusing on me. But you can tell me what you've been up to in the comment section. Even if you're new here, tell me what you've been up to. It's only fair. I really care! I mean it.)

At the risk of this sounding like a Christmas letter, here's what happened since my last post, in a nutshell.

1) Work. Going pretty well, I guess. Made payroll every week and I played a lot of golf. If that doesn't qualify as a pretty good year then your standards are way too high.

2) Family. The missus hasn't left me and seems less likely to do so with every passing year. Next anniversary is no. 38. She gets better looking with every passing day. I feel pretty smart about that because; apparently not everybody gets a trophy wife with the first shot.

Kids are good. Both are out of the nest and have bought houses, so the risk of having them come back seems pretty small at this point. The oldest one; the musician/artist/craftsman with his mother's classic good looks, married a sweetheart and they should be producing grandkids pretty soon. The younger one; the war hero with his fathers wit and dashing good looks is amazingly unattached. His aunt keeps saying, "So what's wrong with that one?" But I applaud his high standards.

3) Health. (Important for a man who plans on you making him your president in 12 more years.) Good, thanks for asking. I got rid of a thyroid that decided to run its own show. I humored my good wife by getting checked for sleep apnea. I now sleep with scuba gear on my head, which apparently hasn't diminished my sexiness. My daily need for a nap is gone, I stay up an hour or two longer and, for the first time in my life, I'm going to the gym. I'm so damn healthy its scary.

I still follow the Eat What You Want And Die Like A Man diet. As long as Lipitor keeps doing its job, that is. There was the matter of the triglycerides being in the 400 range, which the doctor said in and of itself won't kill you. He suggested I booze it a little less as an experiment. I did him one better and teetotaled for a month, which brought in down into the 150s or so. I said, "Doc, now we know how to bring it down if it ever becomes necessary. Until then I'll drink like I want." Bearing in mind that moderate drinking is better than either being an alcoholic or a teetotaler, he said he couldn't fault my logic.

Remind me to share my list of favorite adult beverages sometime. Until then, let me recommend Campari and orange juice for breakfast. Seriously, its like a pink grapefruit, but better!

4) Recreation. I accomplished my goal for my golf game this year. First, I finally got new sticks. Son #1 got me and son #2 about 35% off on Taylormade clubs due to working in the industrial design firm that did all the design work that's made Taylormade the top selling brand.

These clubs confirmed my long held belief that its 95% swing/5% equipment. In other words, it made the game more pleasurable but it's still not too difficult to hit bad shots. Also, let me tell you, Movable Weight Technology is 99% marketing. I've got my R7 set for a full draw and I haven't yet "said goodbye to the right side of the golf course".

Getting the thyroid out though, has cured my slice.

Second goal, getting my handicap up where it belongs. Nicklaus renovated our course, the Scarlet at Ohio State University, and my old 10 is now a 14. There's about 400% more (and deeper) sand than before, plus the greens have more complexities than a bipolar schizophrenic with ADD. Next year though, its coming down.

I turn 55 in a few months which means I'm a 'senior' in the amateur golf world. Now I only have to get my butt kicked by guys older than me. It always helps to narrow the field.

OK, updates over. Now for the politics.

Rudy- I still like him though I no longer love him. I thought he addressed the abortion issue head-on in a way that satisfied this evangelical. I think he'd handle the immigration problem as well as anyone, despite the position he held as NYC mayor. I really, really, really wish he'd tackle the 2nd Amend (right to arm bears) soon, as forthrightly and intelligently as he did abortion, because he can't be as stupid on it as he was when mayor.

Positive- I'm as confident as its humanly possible to be, that he's the one we want to conduct the War On Terror (call it whatever the hell you want). I also drool with pleasure at the thought of him going after the saboteurs at State/CIA/Pentagon. You remember how quick we got the hostages back from Iran when Reagan got elected? That's how quick the leakers to the NYT/WP would find other hobbies.

Negative- I already mentioned gun control. The other thing that drove me to distraction was his synchophantic answer to the global warming question at the Iowa debate the other day. All of a sudden he and all the rest (besides Fred) are climatologists? Sheesh!

Romney- I find it hard to imagine that America will elect someone who looks like Ronald Reagan and Max Headroom's lovechild.

Look, I'll vote for him if I have to but 1) I still think unless the Democrat has a major meltdown, he's only barely electable, and 2) the more Hugh Hewitt (of whom I'm a big fan) fawns over him the more I dislike him. Hugh, buddy, back off. You're baring your ass and you can't see it.

Fred- I'm liking him more as the debates proceed, and I love all the Fred Thompson Facts on, but with no executive experience, he's a crap shoot.

McCain- Sorry Powerline, even if I could forget McCain-Feingold, the gang of 14, his maverick tonedeafness on immigration, etc, etc, etc, he became dead to me the moment he used "swiftboat" as a perjorative verb.

If I haven't said this before- The "Swifties" are owed a debt greater than America could ever repay, for telling the truth about the service of Vietnam veterans and about John F. Kerry. (Why that man isn't in Leavenworth for his traitorious acts is a dark stain on the soul of America.)
The "Swifties" and the former POWs who took on the common mission to dispel the myths and lies that have attached themselve to Vietnam veterans are the best examples of American manhood alive today.

For McCain to disparage these men is unforgivable to me. At least in a political sense.

Huckabee- What a phony, empty-suited idiot. He gives televangelists a bad name. That he is soaring in the polls makes me despair for what passes for the right- (nonbraindead) side of the political spectrum. If you want to see what it would be like if Pat Robertson were Pres, vote for Huckabee.

Ron Paul- I guess if he wasn't real someone would have to invent him. Kind of like the way rock and roll always needs someone to be the most avant garde, e.g. Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson. A vacuum that needs filled.

Until next time-

Thatttttttttt's all folks. I promise it'll not be so long for the next post.