Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thanks Hugh, You Really Are The Godfather

From zero readers per day to nearly 3,000 today as of this moment, virtually all from Hugh's website, only an ingrate wouldn't say thanks. Call me an infidel, but don't call me an ingrate!

Hugh is either a very busy man who didn't read my not-so-kind remark about his man Mitt, or he did read it and is in fact a Compleat Gentleman. My money's on him being beyond the pettiness of mortals. If not, being the Godfather and all, I now live on borrowed time.

My son, who is not only an accomplished blogger (www.boredsoldier.blogspot.com and now www.voxveterana.com) but an attendee of the recent BlogWorld, tells me the key to successful blogging is shameless self-promotion. I honestly don't have that in me. In fact, the thing I'm looking forward to most in my campaign for President in 2020, is telling people who don't like me or what I stand for- "Well then, don't vote for me! How complicated is that!"

For those of you who not only read some of my stuff, but left a comment- thanks for your input.
If you'll check back from time to time, I hope you'll be rewarded.


Strykeraunt said...

I came here from T.F.'s blog this morning. Had time to read your post but no time to respond. Great to see you have your own blog now. I not only enjoyed the time you took over for T.F. but always looked forward to your comments (especially when things got a little heated).

Winston said...

good luck

Bag Blog said...

It is always amazing to me that one can have so many readers and so very few commenters. What's up with that?