Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am no fan of Ralph Peters (more on this another time), but I couldn't agree more with what he writes on Frontpage here. This was obviously an Iranian dry run for something nefarious to follow. How does any potential value from "restraint" compare with the bad consequences that follow when we allow these Islamofascists to learn they can poke us in the eye and get away with it. Did no one in the White House/Pentagon watch Dirty Harry movies growing up?

I'm going to give a freebie here to our enemies for when I've been elected President. When I tell our foreign minister to tell their foreign minister to tell their dictator-for-life that Pres. Steve has begun his COUNT TO TEN, what that means is this- somewhere between 3 and 5 your sh#t's getting blown up. (Don't worry, they won't remember this by 2020)

I can remember back to the PLO days. I remember them kidnapping a Soviet agent. Inside of 24 hours, ten PLO types were in Soviet hands. Actually nine because one was delivered dead to the doorstep of PLO headquarters with a note in his pocket that they were getting the other nine back in similar condition, one a day, until the Soviet agent was released unharmed. The PLO types are not as stupid as they want us to think- they saw the light immediately.

Our ground forces are as sharp as they are because they're battle-hardened. C'mon Navy, catch up!


Aunt-In-Law? said...

Hey Steve,
I was kinda leaning toward Obama until I read your blog. Now I'm torn. Keep writing.

steve4prez said...

Hi Rebecca, Its nice to have a reader, any reader, but especially one as lovely as yourself. I shall raise as toast to you and Doug at my next cocktail hour.

Obama, huh? Sounds like the last line of a chorus of the Name Game, doesn't it.

If the stuff I write about sheds any light on Obama, I'd really like to hear how. My only thought on him is that I predict in the next edition of the Oxford dictionary you will find his picture next to Huckabee's when you look up either the word 'populist' or 'demogogue'.