Friday, January 11, 2008

Ollie Agrees (I Think)

Check Colonel North's take here

He doesn't make the point quite as chickenhawkishly as I do, but then he's a Navy man. I on the other hand, am an Air Force veteran. Discuss among yourselves.

All 4 of the serious candidates in last night's debate (which excludes the Huckster and Crazy Uncle Paul) gave the same answer to Brit Hume's question whether the Naval Commander made the right call. All 4 said they were confident he did.

I would have answered differently. I would have said something along these lines-

"I'm not a highly trained career military commander. We are extremely fortunate to have a very capable military with competent leadership. Therefore, I would, in an instance such as this, defer to their judgment. I would, however, argue like hell with them as to why blasting those buggers out of the water is not the best thing to do. If they argued, as my fellow candidates here have, that the safety of their people was the primary consideration, I would want them to speculate as to the opinion they would be held in by all the brave men and women who have died defending our great nation.

Churchill called World War II the most preventable war in the history of mankind. Nothing comes close to explaining the cause of that war more than the misguided attempts to preserve peace through appeasement. Iran's leaders, AchmedtheWhackJob and the Mullahs, are cut from the same cloth as Hitler. They have no regard for anything but strength. The sooner they see the futility of their games, the better."

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