Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It Must Be "Kick Your Friend In the Nuts Day"

Well, well, well. Who'd a thunk it? President John McCain. Won't this be fun? (Someone tell me how to write "fun" so that it drips with sarcasm.)

There is a long way to go before his GOP nomination is a done deal. But it looks very much like the scenario I described in my inaugural post- that 2020 rolls around and there's nothing but dipshit candidates on the horizon- is being preceded by the time, our time, when the dipshits are the electorate.

The Clinton machine is going to savage and ravage their "good friend" John McCain. Bush's experience of getting his fingers bit off whenever he extended the right hand of fellowship to the Dems is going to look like a light snack. "He who doesn't learn from history is doomed to repeat it". Someone said that, I think.

Not that McCain will deserve better than that. He has after all, perfected the art of LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AND TREAT YOUR FRIENDS LIKE CRAP. Let's see- Be kind to the North Vietnamese, defend traitors like John Kerry, team up with those that oppose your team, let the bad guys out of Gitmo (right before you burn it to the ground), use only kind and gentle forms of interrogation, give lawbreakers social security and don't offend the Mexicans with a fence. In between all these activities, disparage conservatives. Its just not as much fun if you forget the disparagement step.

Note to Rudy- you too can play this wonderful game by endorsing McCain. Let me stand just so. There. Ready. Go ahead and kick me Rudy. Make it swift, centered and high.

Mitt, keep plugging. It ain't over til its over!


Amy said...

I've decided to talk to you because all the pundits over at Hugh Hewitt and NRO appear to be too busy blowing hot air to listen to reason. :-)

Like all the talking heads, I'm not very excited about the prospect of a President McCain, either, for pretty much all the same reasons.

I'm very concerned though. Maybe it's only because this is the first election in which I've been reading a lot of punditry from the conservative elites, but I get the uncomfortable feeling that the Republican party is sinking itself from the inside out.

What I mean is, they've been whining since day one about everyone except Romney. Huckabee is too economically liberal, Thompson is too lazy, Guiliani is too socially liberal, and McCain is their favorite whipping boy.

Now it looks like McCain is well on his way to winning the nomination, and everyone is going into apoplectic fits (did I spell that right?). The problem is, if McCain wins the nomination, the Reupublicans will have no choice but to unite behind him, flaws and all, unless they really care more about principle than about keeping the Democrat nominee out of office.

But who on earth is going to give our pundits the time of day, after all the McCain bashing they've been doing? If McCain could somehow miraculously win, it would mean one thing: the Republican electorate is moving left, and true conservatives are being marginalized. Irrelevant. A lot of hot air but little substance. And they're doing it to themselves thanks to all the sabotages coming from the inside, not to mention their narrow focus on the Mexican border and abortion. I can honestly say those are two issues very, very important to me, but I'm not willing to lose the presidency over it. A McCain presidency is still better than a Clinton or Obama one.

I've been shocked twice recently by close, extremely conservative, family members saying they'd vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. I know these people better than anyone, and I'm just flabbergasted because it's (seemingly) so out of character. But if they are willing to vote for Hillary, how many other conservatives are? Mark my words, all the McCain bashing will end up hurting Republicans more than helping.

Amy said...

I wrote more about it here, which is hopefully a little more coherent.