Friday, January 25, 2008

Please, NOT McCain

There are many reasons for a self-respecting conservative to not vote for McCain. See Hugh Hewitt for the most complete list of those reasons. (Hugh is the self-appointed antimccain. He's also the chief Romneyite. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

What's been driving me nuts, since McCain has been getting so many caucus/primary votes, is that no one has explored what to me is the supreme reason for never voting for him. I mentioned this several posts ago- that McCain hates the Swift Boat Vets. I understand why anyone who loves Kerry would feel that way- the Dems, the NYT, academia, communists, serial gigolos, windsailing perverts, etc- but I'll never understand how a vietnam veteran, especially one so intimately familiar with the brutality of communists, could side with Kerry over the men who saved America from Kerry. McCain left no doubt of the disdain with which he holds John O'Neil and Colonel Bud Day and all the rest of the Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth. He has no compunction against using "swiftboat" as a verb meaning 'to smear'.

As is often the case when America seems poised to take the next great step toward national suicide, it's left to two women to do what the men seem so incapable of. You won't find a more knockdown argument for voting for AnybodyButMcCain than this one on Jan 23 by Ann Coulter or this one by Michelle Malkin.

It seems so regrettable to me that we have to be negative about someone who ought to be an American hero, pure and simple. He acquited himself with absolute honor and courage as a Naval aviator and POW. But such is life, that to begin well does not assure an end that is equally good. He may think that he is America's most straight-talker, but he seems to me to suffer as much as anyone from Beltway Myopia. In fact, were he a gambler instead of a legislator, a fortune could be made by betting the opposite from him, all the time.

Please folks, now that Fred's out of the picture, give us Rudy or Romney.

For those that haven't figured out that Rudy is indeed a conservative, despite his apparent softness on abortion and gun control, read Prince of the City, by Fred Siegel. If you want someone who can turn a city (a nation) around, and has to do it within the constraints of a liberal power structure, Rudy's the one. Not that Romney couldn't do it. I know its a little tiring hearing Rudy beat that drum, but the drum is real.


Amy said...

I have a question for you. I am also a Rudy supporter, as you appear to be. I'm both socially and fiscally conservative, yet Rudy makes a lot of sense to me. So why is it that he's having such a hard time getting through? They say his focusing on Florida had heard him, but is no one listening to his message? It seems to me as though it should speak for itself. I'm frustrated - I would be truly upset if he ended up having to drop out of the race.

Amy said...

"hurt him," I mean.

steve4prez said...

Amy, Good question. I don'tknow the answer though I suppose we'll learn it in due time if he fizzles.

A lot can happen between now and convention time. I plan to KEEP HOPE ALIVE until then.

I suppose its possible that Romney could do as well in the office. It's just that I'm SURE Rudy would fight the war we're in to WIN. And I drool thinking about him going after the those that would reveal secret programs we're using to win this war.

BTW, you are now registered to receive a I SUPPORTED STEVE4PREZ BEFORE IT WAS COOL t-shirt. Just don't ask me when they're coming out.